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Showtimes Tamil | 2 hours 50 minutes | Action / Romance | P13 | More info
MY CINEMA Teluk Intan
12:00pm 03:00pm 06:00pm 09:00pm 12:00am  

20 Into The Storm

Into the Storm has little to offer beyond its admittedly thrilling special effects. - RT

Showtimes English | 1 hour 29 minutes | Thriller | P13 | More info
MBO Teluk Intan
04:20pm 08:30pm  

64 Lucy

Lucy powers through the movie's logic gaps with cheesy thrills plus Scarlett Johansson's charm -- and mostly succeeds at it. - RT

Showtimes English | 1 hour 30 minutes | Action | 18 | More info
MBO Teluk Intan
11:45am 01:40pm 03:35pm 05:30pm 07:25pm 09:20pm 11:15pm 01:10am

21 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may bear the distinction of being the dullest movie ever made about talking bipedal reptiles. - RT

Showtimes English | 1 hour 40 minutes | Adventure / Comedy / Animation | P13 | More info
MBO Teluk Intan
12:10pm 02:15pm 06:25pm 10:30pm 12:35am  

35 The Expendables 3

Expendables 3 offers a modicum of all-star thrills for old-school action thriller aficionados -- but given all the talent assembled, it should have been a lot more fun. - RT

Showtimes English | 2 hours 6 minutes | Action / Adventure / Thriller | 18 | More info
MBO Teluk Intan
11:20am 01:55pm 04:35pm 07:10pm 09:40pm 12:15am  

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